Who am I

Someone with a passion for IT and the Open Source world. I love designing, creating and managing infrastructure, as well as developing software to achieve my goals. I strongly believe in keeping things simple and efficient.

I love to experiment and tinker with new things.

A loving husband. A proud dad of a cute daughter.

I also enjoy movies, anime, Japan, China & Korea, DnD, Go (the boardgame) as well as the Raspberry Pi and consorts. Currently I’m studying Chinese and Japanese.

What I do

I design, create and manage infrastructure services, as well as, software services. I roll these out and maintain them in an automated manner. Additionally I write software and enjoy working with and in the Open Source world.

Some examples of the work I have done recently include:

  • Openstack & Ceph

    Designing, deploying & improving a high available Openstack cluster with accompanying Ceph storage cluster.

  • CI / CD

    Designing, deploying & improving end-to-end CI/CD pipeline from Git to Concourse CI deploying to Cloudfoundry and Kubernetes.

  • Python & Go

    Writing utilities, bots and auditors in Python and Go to automate all the things.

What I look for

A good work-life balance. Autonomy, responsibility, trust & transparency in my daily work. Having fun playing with technology. Researching new stuff and applying my knowledge & experience freely to create wonderful services for users. All this in a collaborative environment where we all work towards a shared goal.

If you think you can supply that and more, feel free to contact me!